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Counseling for Anxiety

Enso Counseling offers anxiety counseling in Phoenix. Anxiety is very common in our culture and you may find yourself overwhelmed by worrisome thoughts. In fact, did you know anxiety is the most common mental illness in the US today? Anxiety disorders strips tranquility and enjoyment from over 40 million American lives annually. While anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, for those with an anxiety disorder, it never goes away; it only worsens over time.

Do you always feel on edge, overwhelmed or anticipate future events with worry and dread? Do racing, ruminating thoughts impact your ability to concentrate on tasks, manage stress or engage socially? Perhaps anxiety has started to manifest physically. Thus, causing heart palpitations, stomach aches and sweating. Some describe trembling, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea or panic attacks. In particular, do you often feel out of control, like something is about to go horribly wrong? Do you wish you could better understand your experience with anxiety? Would you like to develop the insight and tools needed to help yourself feel better? Anxiety Counseling Phoenix is necessary to help you manage and not let it get out of control.

Living with anxiety can be a distressing, frustrating and sometimes frightening experience. You may feel preoccupied by “what if” questions about the future that you can’t control. Ultimately, this can cause your thoughts to spiral and fuel more distressing emotions and physical symptoms. The ongoing looping cycle of anxiety can impact all aspects of your life. Specifically, this can include your work performance as well as your relationships. Furthermore, eating, sleeping, and other physical issues could be adding to your distress. Moreover, they all may be causing you to feel increasingly withdrawn or on edge.

Anxiety counseling in Phoenix helps you learn to reduce the body’s stress response through skills that counter the autonomic nervous system’s fight or flight reflex. Some of these skills involve physical skill sets such as specific relaxation techniques, progressive muscle relaxation and certain modified meditation practices. Anxiety counseling also focuses on cognitive or thought-based skills such as mindfulness training which helps us learn to shift attention to the present moment, rather than to follow the mental path that anxiety naturally takes us down. Learning to effectively manage stress, and to build in healthy practices to our daily routine are also a part of a comprehensive approach to anxiety counseling in Phoenix.

Anxiety refers to the stress response that many people experience either due to situation stress, or due to an internal biological process that may or may not have an identifiable trigger. Anxiety can take the form of chronic worry, or more acute panic attacks. Anxiety affects all of us to a degree, but when it arises to a level that begins to interfere with major life obligations such as work or relationships, it can require intervention. We offer anxiety counseling in Phoenix and know it is highly effective, and often has a very positive impact on the person’s symptoms.